Qui di seguito alcuni feedback lasciati dai miei studenti a partire dal 2009 ad oggi:


just wonderful!! great teacher and beautiful person by Lindapag

I've had lessons with Ale over skyope from Dubai since 2010. I wasn't sure about online tuition,but it proved t be just great!!!!
I've improved my French drastically, had a lot of fun times also with Ale and last time I visited France last month and I felt totally ok.
I'll of course continue French with Ale,I love our Civilisation and communication hours.
I'm planning to visit her for some lessons to meet her, her future husband and dogs.
merci Ale tu es une personne merveilleuse!!!you made my days!

Helpful instruction and materials by Stefanie W.

Ale was very helpful in providing instruction in Italian grammar, conversation, and vocabulary. I felt quite prepared to understand most of what I read in Italy, and most of what was said to me. I struggled to speak to others, but this was due to confidence in my speaking ability. I was able to have some simple conversations, however, which was such a delight in both large cities and in small rural areas. I am grateful for Ale's instruction and reading materials. Skype was a very easy format for instruction as well. Thank you, Ale, per una bella esperienza!
Enthusiastic and helpful French teacher GHR

She was very enthusiastic and helpful and made me feel at ease. I studied with her because I wanted some extra help with listening to French and speaking French in preparation for an upcoming trip to France. Though we only had a total of 7 class hours, I think the time was well spent. In the future, I may take additional lessons with her so that I can continue to progress. I definitely recommend her.
excellent teacher by marybeatrice

I have been learning italian with Ale for 10 months now. I have found our lessons enjoyable and informative. Ale is very friendly, professional, patient and approachable.
I was lucky enough to stay in Ale's apartment for 3 weeks in August this year. Every day I had between 3 to 5 hours of lessons and made great progress during this time. It was also lovely to meet Ale's welcoming family.
Esino Lario is a beautiful little village, high in the hills above Il Lago di Como, 12 kms from Varenna. This is a non tourist village with friendly people, beautiful old cobblestone streets and stone houses, great walks and excellent bike riding on the roads and mountains around Il Lago di Como. It has a great market on Tuesday mornings so you can buy delicious Italian fresh produce.
It was a great experience to be able to immerse myself in italian culture, language and food for 3 weeks and connect with my italian heritage. My husband rode his bike every day, so he was also happy!!
Ale is awesome by J Fuller

Ale is very effective and it is great fun to learn with her. My husband and I are making much better progress with her than we were on our own. We are learning Italian with Ale and we highly recommend her.
Jayne and Mike Fuller
Amazing tutor and instructor by msamkary

I wanted to learn the Italian language for a long time I was looking for a tutor and I found this website. I never thaugt that teaching via skype but it worked out perfectly. My brothers and I took almost a month with Alessandra me and my two younger brothers we are taking 4 hours per week. 

My grandmother is Italian and my father speaks the language and they have seen a great progress from this month. I am so glad and so excited to continue with this program.

I really recommend Ale for all of you boys or girls and of different ages .

Mariya Samkary
merci Ale!!! by Danielle

Je prends des cours d'italien depuis 2011 avec Alessandra Paganin et je ne voudrais absolument pas changer de professeur.Elle est une très bonne enseignante et les quelques jours passés à Esino lario n'ont fait que me conforter dans mon opinion.La maison est agréable,la région est belle et il est difficile d'en partir.J'espère y retourner afin d'améliorer mon italien.Merci toi Alessandra.
Family of 4 learns Italian together by aclovell

We are a family of 4 from California, two adults and two kids, age 10 and 8. We had about 5 months of 1 hour per week lessons before a trip to Italy in October 2013. Ale was somehow able to have a class for a family of 4 with radically different language learning abilities! During our trip, we felt we could understand the language enough to navigate most interactions with Italian speaking natives, as well as get all around Italy by car without trouble. We shopped for groceries, asked about restaurants, ordered food, figured out directions all in broken Italian.  

Our host at one agriturismo, who only spoke Italian, was totally impressed with the kids' ability to sing Italian children's songs without a noticeable accent!  

We were able to visit Ale in her darling town of Esino Lario; I totally recommend it if you want off-the-beaten path Italy. We couldn't fit in Ale's flat, but we stayed in the flat of a friend that was perfect. We had two lessons with Ale while we were there which was fun, but what I would REALLY recommend is to take time for intensive language training with Ale when you are there. We will do that next time.

We are continuing with lessons with Ale after our trip, and now we are actually more motivated to learn and are making great strides.  

Ale is professional, funny, prompt, kind, and really good at what she does. I recommend her heartily.

Anne, Tom, Maggie, Dominic
In only 20 lessons I learnt Italian verbs, vocabulary and prepositions by Jasmien

I had the pleasure of having Alessandra as my Italian teacher and would highly recommend her! I only had 20 lessons with her (+/- 15 hours) and had no knowledge of Italian but thanks to her lessons I now have a good understanding of the Italian language. I am now familiar with several Italian verb tenses, both in past, present and future. I have also learnt when to use which Italian preposition and have gained a nice Italian vocabulary. Alessandra always made our lessons very interactive and interesting which really helped me to learn better and faster. Thank you Ale!
An amazing, kind and effective teacher. by Luca

Alessandra is most probably the best language teacher I have ever learnt from... She has been teaching me French via Skype for a few months now, and I must say I am more than satisfied with it. She is serious in her job, provides a big variety of exercises, always on time, reliable, fexible and a real teacher. I can full-heartedly recommend her to everyone :)
Excellent teacher by David

Since I began Italian lessons with Ale my Italian vocabulary has expanded enormously. I've studied different languages before with various teachers (though this is my first time learning Italian) and Ale is the best teacher I've had.

Her classes are structured, focusing on different parts of the language, for example; verbs, grammar, sentence structure and reading. She uses plenty of examples and exercises to help put the various language rules into practice.

Ale's teaching style is relaxed and friendly. She is flexible and punctual. She is a patient teacher who teaches step by step, building a foundation (I find this way of teaching particularly helpful).

I would highly recommend Ale as a language teacher.

Alessandra is the best ! by Max Ivery

I am currently retired and learning the Italian language as a hobby. I have never felt that I had a particular gift for learning a foreign language. I have always been a “life long learner” and felt this would be enjoyable. I have a PhD from a large American University consequently I am familiar with teaching techniques and teachers. 

I have been taking Italian language lessons from Alessandra for four years—with a few gaps during that period. I think Ale is a very exceptional teacher. During my lessons with Ale via Skype we converse, study grammar and most recently have read a number of novels—in Italian, of course. In addition to being an expert instructor in all aspects of Italian she is quite patient with all of my errors and very flexible in teaching different things at different times based on my interests and requests.  

I was able one summer to go to Esino Lario, Italy for one month and take a more intense course of Italian from Ale. During this month my wife and I lived in the apartment that Ale has available for her students to rent. It was a very nice experience! The apartment was quite large and nice. The town of Esino Lario is very pretty. It was a very pleasant visit. Esino Lario is close to Varenna, a beautiful town on Lake Como. This close proximity gave us a chance to explore the area and use my Italian.

I am quite pleased with my learning experiences, both using Skype and in person with Ale and hope to be able to continue them into the future.

I can give my highest recommendation to Ale. 
Absolutely top-class! by David Paterson

Alessandra is a patient, amusing and overall wonderful teacher! I would highly recommend her. Skype is so easy and we can easily arrange a mutually convenient time for the lessons, even though I am in Australia.
UNa buona esperienza!! by Lina

I had lesson with Ale for a year, before coming to a beautiful mountain town called Esino to meet her family. It was such an experience, infact, una buona esperienza! 

It is a good experience to actually come and study with Ale in her hometown, talk and interact to her whole lovely friendly family members. I wish oneday they could all come to my country too, so I can also show them around as much too!!! Grazie a tutti in Esino!!!! 
Excellent by Pauline Seretakis

Ale is an excellent, flexible, but very organized teacher. I am an English speaking student interested in both french and Italian, and I have used Alessandra for both, French lessons and Italian lessons. We even had our French lessons in Italian (ie without using any English) in order for me to practice both languages. Due to lack of time, I am now only focusing on Italian. I would strongly recommend her for either French or Italian. 
Excellent Italian Language Teacher! by Sunflower

I have been having Italian language lesson with Ale for 10months now, via Skype. Ale is a proficient in English and explains clearly the usage of Italian during lessons very patiently. My understanding of Italian has improved tremendously. I had a chance to meet up Ale in person during a vacation in Italy in Oct13, drove to the beautiful village and Lago Como area which Ale stays, it was memorable! Thank you Ale for your dedication, I'm so fortunate to have you as my Italian teacher :-)
Enjoyable French conversational practice by Chris

My requirements were that I had basic French grammar and vocabulary but was short of conversational practice. Ale has tailored the lessons to fulfill this. 
The lessons are based half around general conversation, and half around reading of works of classic French literature.
Our conversations always are educational and interesting and I feel I have made great progress in the language as a result. Thanks Ale!
very professional, and cheerful, making learning language quite fun by Jian Qiu

We have been having french lessons over skype for about 3 months, one hour per week. the teaching material and the exercises are chosen thoughtfully, so as to fit the need and the level of the student. the lessons are quite enjoyable, with plenty of opportunities for me to work on my weak spot, and if I may add, plenty of laughter too. 
overall, I would highly recommend Alessandra for anyone who truly wants to up his language skills.
Grazie Ale! by Tatiana

Ciao tutti! 
My name is Tatiana, I am from Russia but I live in Italy. 
I am learning Italian with Alessandra from 1 year. I met Alessandra on this website and I think it was a destiny! 
I had experienced learing italian with other teacher and at school. But all those trials I thought something is wrong with me. 
Alessandra is a great teacher and with her help I managed to speak italian so fast as I would never expect. Alessandra is a teacher as we say in Russia with the capital letter Teacher. Learing Italian becomes so easy, so fun and same time she makes you believe that nothing is impossible for us, she helps you to feel that step by step together we can reach the top of the mountain. 
More over I found a real friend and I do believe it was a destiny!
Thank you Ale!!!
Opera Singer studying for PLIDA by Cynthia

Excellent teacher. 

Very verbally supportive and able to help me to pronounce Italian properly. 

We have been working through a workbook together and mostly learning basic sentence structure and verb conjugation. 

I study music and am planning to continue working with Ale once my criminal case is over. I will be doing my PLIDA eventually which is the language proficiency exam for Italian. 

Paying Ale is simple and easy and organizing my time to meet with her online via Skype has proven simple and effective for me. 
Grazie Ale! by tracey

I have been taking Italian lessons with Ale since January. Learning a new language is not easy for me, but Ale has made our lessons interesting and I feel that she has taught me a lot in a short time. I really enjoy our Skype lessons and look forward to meeting her in person in the near future. I would highly recommend Ale for anyone wanting to learn a new language. Grazie Ale! :) 
Very professional teacher and kind person by Marta

Cela fait quelques mois que je prends des cours avec Alessandra et je dois avouer que j'ADORE nos leçons!
Non seulement Alessandra est une personne extrêmement sympathique mais c'est une professeur de qualité : sérieuse, à l'écoute, patiente et vraiment impliquée dans son rôle d'enseignante.
Je recommanderais Alessandra sans aucune hésitation!!
Learning French from an AMAZING Teacher! by Jadamany

I have been taking lessons with Ale for a few months. I moved to France knowing little to no French and feel that I have learned a great deal in a very short amount of time with Ale. Its incredible! She is a great tutor and makes learning enjoyable (which is very important)! She is not only my tutor, but has become my friend. I hope to continue taking lessons on and off with her even if I decide to move back to the USA or another english speaking country.  

Thank you so much Ale for your time and understanding.

Wonderful teacher living in a very friendly community by Bob L

I am a 78 year old retired American physician. I have taken Italian language lessons from Ale Paganin for almost three years on Skype. In September and October of 2012 I traveled to her village of Esino Lario, rented the apartment that she makes available for her students, and took eight weeks of intensive language training from Ale. After returning to the United States I continue to take language lessons from her on Skype.

Ale is a very pleasant young woman and a highly skilled language teacher. Learning a new language is difficult for most of us and particularly for me at my age. Ale understands this and has always been gentle but persistent in correcting my many errors. She keeps me focused on the fundamentals of the Italian language, and I am learning not only what to say or write but also why I do it, which I appreciate. Learning Italian is going to be a long journey for me, and I am happy to know that Ale will be my guide and companion on this trip.

Ale provides an apartment that is located on the ground floor of her home in Esino Lario. This home is located in a section of Esino Lario that probably dates to the medieval period with stone homes located on narrow winding streets. The Italians consider these portions of their towns and cities to be national treasures and maintain them carefully. The apartment she provides is quite spacious with a kitchen, dining and sitting area on the ground floor and a large bedroom and bath on the second floor. The apartment is comfortably furnished in the Italian style. The kitchen area is small but quite adequate for meal preparation. A pellet stove kept the apartment quite warm during the occasional days of cold weather that I experienced.

Esino Lario is a small, very clean, and well maintained village located in the mountains a short distance from the eastern shore of Lake Como. The town sits in a hilly valley surrounded by large mountains. There are sections of the village that are quite ancient and other sections that are more modern. The town has basic amenities such as a medical office, pharmacy, banks, grocery stores, small clothing store, barber, hairdresser, and a news stand. There are three nice bars in the village that I used for a coffee or a sandwich. There is an excellent and relatively inexpensive restaurant in the town that I used extensively for dinners during my stay in Esino Lario. The cook’s Italian style pizza is quite different from American pizza and is wonderful!

I came to Esino Lario to learn some more of the Italian language, which I did. I also came to Esino Lario to learn something about Italians by living with them outside the usual tourist areas of Italy. I returned to the United States very impressed with the country and with the many people that I met during my stay in Italy. Without a single exception I was treated in a warm and courteous manner by every Italian with whom I had contact in the town. Within two days of my arrival at my rented apartment three of my neighbors brought me produce from their gardens as a welcoming gesture. Everyone that I passed in the streets gave me a smile and a buon giorno. In the stores, bars, or restaurant the Italians would patiently tolerate my terrible Italian and sometimes gently correct me. Four different families invited me into their homes for a meal or a drink. The director of the local museum gave me a personal and private tour of her museum. I discovered that the attitudes and values of these Italians are very similar to those taught to me when I grew up in a small Midwestern town in the United States.  

I like the people that I met in Esino Lario very much. I hope to return to the village at some future date for more personal lessons from Ale and to again see the friends that I made in the community during my recent visit. 
Knowledgeable, patient, and friendly, tutoring from Ale!! byKevan Walker

For my career I was required to move to Versailles, and without Alessandra's help I would not have been as succesful as I have been.

With Alessandra's help I have really hit the ground running and picked up the language very quickly.

I would strongly recommend Alessandra to anyone! She is very patient, and always organised before lessons.

Her teaching skills enable her to suit the lessons to my needs. She has a good variation of teaching spoken and written French, as well teaching theory behind it (which has proved very important for my understanding!)

Due to my work commitments I am sometimes unable to give a difinitive time for lessons to far in advance, but this has never bothered Alessandra, and she has been very flexible.
Such a great and value experience by Ahmad & Rimas

Dear Alessandra

I have been attracted and motivated by your encouraging method for the Italian Language , you really have a special way to build confident for student.

For my daughter Rimas , She is also enjoying the French language with you , she likes your friendship as a professor . Rimas became more motivated through your fun teaching materials .

Though it was a distance learning through Skype , yet my daughter Rimas & I still feel that we are interacted as you are here with us .

I am so glad that I have a professor for myself and my daughter such yourself, I have a confident that I will be able speak like Italian native speakers one day by your support.

I would really recommend professor Alessandra Paganin for Italian and French language .It is been a great experience to study through Skype. Alessandra is such a joyful , encouraging , smart and patient professor. 

Grazie mille. 

Ahmed & Rimas : )
Patient helpful and reliable teacher by Sue

Alessandra is a patient and very positive teacher and is always reliable. She has a good sense of humour (which is needed at times) and is always prepared to "go the extra mile" to help the student with extra material or grammar etc. A positive learning experience.
Una insegnante meravigliosa! by AD0770

I have wanted to learn Italian for a long time, and I could not have asked for a better teacher than Ale. Ale is enormously patient and has a way of explaining even the most complicated of grammatical rules that makes them understandable. Ale also incorporates interesting information about Italy into the lessons and puts each topic into real-life contexts. This way, I not only learn the language, but I also learn about the country. I can't believe how far I have come in a relatively short time. I also have to commend Ale's flexibility, I have a hectic and changeable work schedule, which can result in my having to take breaks or change the time and date of lessons - Ale is always more than accommodating and does all that she can to work around my calendar. I can't recommend Ale highly enough, I absolutely love learning with her and intend to continue to do so for a long time to come. Grazie mille Ale, non vedo l'ora di nostra prossima lezione!
Fantastic Teacher and Experience by Jennifer Worden

My husband and I are taking French from Ale via online. We are enjoying the experience and Ale is a wonderful teacher. She presents the information in a straightforward manner that makes sense and helps with the learning. Learning a new language is challenging, but she makes is very simple. We are beginners and I was not sure how that would work - having the class online - but it has been great. I recommend her to everyone!

Ciao a tutti.. i visited Italy with my family in June and I thought that with our Spanish it would have been all right, but it was so difficult to reply. I was staying with my family in Bellagio (lake of Como) when i heard two Americans staying in Esino and studying with Ale. hey gave me her contact. And she was quickly available and so nice!! i drove up to Esino where Ale has her office. i was so happy after the first lesson, that my children decided to join us! We had such a nice time! Ale was also able to keep them interested, by doing games. Have gelato. GRAZIE ALE!!
E allors. Next year if I can I would love to visit her again, but this tilme I would love to stay in th flat she rents for hzr students, it would be even easier, and my children would absolutely love it!! i willalso resume our lessons over Skype soon I don't want to forget anything of such a nice language!!!
Grazie Ale. Il tuo amore per l'insegnamento é bellissimo!!!corazon grande cosi!!!
Alessandra Paganin is an excellent, organised and friendly teacher by JEP

I have been joining Alessandra on Skype over the past few months for Italian lessons. She has been so patient and helpful and never makes me feel silly. Alessandra is most reliable and always cheerful and friendly.
I highly recommend her to anyone interested in some one on training, regardless of the level you are starting from. 
Phenomenal Instructor! by Tanisa Imoto

Alessandra has been teaching me Italian for a couple of months. While I’ve always been passionate about languages, Italian is entirely new to me. We’ve gone over the alphabet, pronunciation, grammar rules, sentence structures and vocabulary. Ale always keeps it interesting and there’s never a shortage of exercises ☺ 

She is always friendly, very accommodating in figuring out times to schedule class and patient (because I’m a rather slow learner). She is punctual, flexible and understanding when I’m not always able to complete my work on time, which I really appreciate. 

I’m very glad to have met Ale and strongly believe she is one of a kind as she is always able to keep the class interactive and engaging, despite our sessions being over skype. Anyone can get a sense of how passionate she is about teaching languages. I look forward to continuing my lessons with her.

Thank you Ale and keep up the fantastic work!
Dedicated French Teacher! By Mariko

Ale is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Her pronunciation is very clear to hear, her explanation is precise and easy to understand. As she is enthusiastic on studying language methodology, all of her recommended books are excellent. I enjoyed her lesson twice a month, she is always cheerful and patient. I strongly recommended her!
Distinctive teaching style and extremely approachable by Athena

Alessandra has the distinctive teaching style and patience to cater the Italian lessons and personalize them to meet my exact needs. She is very approachable and flexible and makes certain that there is a balance of listening, grammar, and speaking for an overall positive learning experience both of the language as well as the Italian culture. It is also very fun to work with her!

Sono molto fortunata ad avere ale come insegnante. Lei sa veramente lo stile di apprendimento per me e mi piace molto a lavorare insieme. Spero che possa andare anche in Italia ad imparare meglio. Ale e meravigliosa!
BRAVISSIMA INSEGNANTE!!wonderful teacher!! by Evelyn

Hi everyone!!!I've been learning Italian and then French with Ale, and I find his teaching style to be a brilliant match for my learning style. I've also spent 2 weeks, in Esino Lario and I loved our time together! we did 2 hours of French and 2 of Italian each ay and enjoyed a nice pizza together. She's such a welcoming and smiling person!!!

She's very good at explaining the whys and wherefores of the language in a way I can grasp, which is especially important when learning languages more complex than English.

She's a patient teacher, and always willing to go the extra mile, such as answering questions by email ASAP. It shows that she has a lot of experience, and she is aware of the pitfalls new learners encounter.

I'd highly recommend Ale as a teacher, especially if you have the kind of mind that wants to understand all aspects of the language &culture, rather than just learning it parrot fashion.

Most of all, lessons are enjoyable, informative, and the time seems to fly by.
I'm going to visit Ale again for 3 weeks this summer, to enjoy some more lessons. I love having lessons via Skype, but of course, in person is wonderful as well!!!
Grazie/ merci/thanks cara Ale!!

Ciao a tutti!!! Hi everyone!!
i'm writing because I want to leave my positive feedback to Alessandra Paganin, an italian and Freanxh teacher on this website, She has been a wonderful French teacher for a goup of chilren aged 7-13 for 2 years. we had unfortunately to stop due to the economic situation of two of the children's parents of the group. but one day we will be back!

The lessons took place in her cosy office in Esino Lario (15 min from the Lake of Como).

i'm writing also from the other parents which are as pleased as I am. Ale is just so professional and at the same funny and kind. the children have learnt a lot with her, they speak only French now during their lessons.
i recommend Ale to all ages, she has such a patient and kindness that is rare nowadays.
Merci Ale tu es fantastique!!!
meilleurs voeux!!!
stefania Gianola
Grazie Ale sei fantastica!!
très bon prof!!!! by Anna

Ale has been my teacher now for 3 years, since she moved back from the Uk. I've been driving to her lovely village in Esino Lario where we've been having lessons in her cosy office. I still remember the nice cups of tea with the a little snow outside.
Je parle un français assez bon maintenant, and although I'm having with Ale some conversation lessons, I'd like to start Chinese as well.
Merci Ale pour ton temps, I also enjoyed so much talking in French to your mum, she's as nice and kind as you are. And a very good cook as well!:-)

I hope I'll have the same wonderful experience with my future Chinese teacher.
I recommend Ale to everyone looking for a prepared, serious teacher but at the same time cheerful, nice and understanding.
Merci encore Ale de tout ce que tu as fait =again thanks for all you've done!!!
Very competent and reliable by Mina

I was a little bit sceptical about taking french classes online, as well as having an Italian person as a teacher. Well - I am not anymore. Taking classes online has worked wonderfully, and Alessandra is an impeccable teacher - knowledgeable, patient, understanding.

During the 20 hours we have had so far (I will continue the lessons) she has never failed to answer my questions about french grammar, and her responses are clear an understandeble. She organises the lessons well, so that I don't feel lost or overwhelmed.

She is simply a very professional and competent teacher that I would recommend anyone.
Teaching must be a passion and Alessandra has it by Mary

Working with Alessandra has been a pleasure. She is smart, patient, and attentive. Her style of teaching has proved to be very helpful. I have been able to learn much more than I imagined with her lesson plans and the technique she uses. I was put in a postition where I must learn a whole new language to communicate with relatives. I dont think I would be able to do this without Ale's help. I look forward to working with her and always enjoy our lessons. I highly recommend her as a language tutor,I cannot say enough good things about her. 
my wonderful Italian teacher= mon excellent professeur d'Italian by Virginieb

Ale has been my Italian teacher for a year, every time she comes here in France, to her grandfather's house, we have an intensive course (I don't like the pc, I love face to face).
I LOVE our time together!!ad it's wonderful to have a teacher that can speak French as well as Italan wonderfully!!! It's amazing to see how easily she can switch from one language to the other!!!
I love the way she teaches, with fun, enthusiasm and a big smile on her face.She's my blessing, as I live now alone.
merci Ale, I'm looking forward to seeing you here in France in a month.
non vedo ora di vedere te qui in Francia, per le nostre lezioni. Grazie tante Ale :-)merci ma chère Ale
A Great Teacher by Maria

I spend a week with Ale in Esino Lario, and had a both very educational and relaxing time. The village itself is beautiful and fantastic for either taking a trip to Como or a walk in the mountains. And my lesson with Ale was great, I have had some Italian lesson in the past but I feel that I learned more in that week then I have any of the other times combined. Ale is a great teacher that shows patience, is good at explaining and have a sense of humour. I not only came away from there with more Italian knowledge, I also came away with a new friend. And I have continued our lessons via Skype. I can recommend Ale as a teacher 100%. Grazie Cara:O)
Maria, Denmark
Devoted and serious by Maria C

I have spent 10 days in the fairytale village of Esino Lario while doing intensive French lessons with translation in both English and Italian. It has proved to be very effective since i am now able to sustain quite a decent conversation in French. It offered me the basis i needed. The apartment that i rented from Alessandra was very spacious and comfortable, while the area of the Lago Como is really a blast. Alessandra is a devoted, serious and always punctual professor, with the ability to switch very easily from one language to another.

I was always fascinated with Italy, its culture history, wine and people. Naturally, to get to the bottom of it, I needed to learn Italian. Studied here and there in the States till finally I have decided to search the web and find someone who is native but also has advanced university training. Quick search on the line revealed that there is such person, who lives somewhere, on the moon, i.e. Esino Lario, vicino al Lago di Como. On top of that the family had an apartment to rent. So a total immersion became a reality, I had the teacher I was looking for, I had a place to live and I lived in a small place where you have to speak only Italian.

The Professoressa Alessandra is an outstanding teacher, knows perfectly Italian and French (native languages) and her English is not far behind. I stayed one month and having three hours a day, we managed to cover almost entire grammar finishing with Condizionale and Passato Remoto. I thought I am precise but her perfection is outstanding. I was on slightly higher level and it was really fun doing all the grammar with someone who was always on top and understood any of my jokes (in Italian). I assume that she has a different teaching style with someone less advanced. She is bright enough to do this.

All in all unforgettable experience and I would highly recommend doing that.

There was also fun to meet the locals in a bar which was the opposite of what Italian bar should mean. Italian bar is a café, but this was 80% bar, bar and 20% café, only because I was the 10% of the café part. However, the people were very nice and had made friends from the bottom up: jobless, workers, local intelligentsia and finally elite, the Pharmacist and the Doctor. Both had a great deal of knowledge and patience while were explaining a meaning of an Italian word.

Buon Soggiorno con la bravissima Professoressa a Esino Lario,

Great teacher and great value lessons! by Lisa

Alessandra is a very competent and professional teacher. The lessons have all been well structured and focused to my level. I have been able to progress at my own pace, without feeling pressured, as her teaching style is very relaxed and friendly. Ale is able to clarify and explain the finer points of the language in a simple manner. Ale's lessons are fun and very productive. Great value for money!
Great teacher, very patient and friendly! by Hana Keric

Alessandra is a great teacher. She is very patient and friendly. I like the fact that she talks about the Italian culture as well as teaches me how to speak Italian. She is great at explaining grammar and also focuses on making sure you have the correct pronunciation, which is great! 
The books she suggested for the lessons are very helpful. I thought it would be quite difficult to learn a language through Skype, but I find it really easy to learn this way. I find it very easy to understand Alessandra and I am really enjoying our lessons! I would highly recommend Alessandra to everyone!
Great!! by Mike

Ale è un buona insegnante della lingua italiana. La sua combinazione di conversazione e d'instruzione tramite libro sono molto d'aiuto per imparare l'italiano. Io raccomando Ale a chiunque vuole a imparare l’italiano.
Professional, knowledgable, cheerful teacher by Lewis

Alessandra is not only a kind and cheerful person and an excellent teacher but a consummate professional who has patiently guided me through hours of french instruction. As this is my first European language I have found Alessandra's unique insight into French life and culture fascinating and she is always cheerfully suggesting books to read, music to listen to and ways to fully immerse myself in what I am learning. I have immensely enjoyed my experiences with Alessandra and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wishing to study French (although I'm sure she is just as fantastic at teaching Italian)! Thank you Ale. 
Having fun with Italian by Antonella

Ciao a tutti,

I have been living in Italy for some time and I have been doing lessons with Alessandra for about three months now and since starting my lessons my whole experience of being in Italy has changed in a very positive way. In the last three months I feel like I have gained a comprehensive understanding of how Italian works and more importantly I actually feel confident to speak. Without realising it I have actually begun to have conversations with native Italians and that is exactly what I wanted. Ale is very patient and ensures that I understand difficult points and she provides many exercises and opportunities to practice.

Learning Italian hasn't felt like a chore or hard-work. Outside of my lessons I feel very motivated to engage in Italian. I enjoy my lessons and she has definitely instilled in me a desire to learn more. The intricacies and complexities of the language often have me a little confounded but she manages to clear things for me and I have really come to love the language. 

She is very positive and reliable and I get the distinct impression that she really enjoys what she does. Her openness makes communication very easy and now and then she even educates me on a few Italian eccentricities which are much appreciated.

In fact I am so impressed with my progress in Italian that I may even use Alessandra again to learn French one day.

In a nutshell I highly highly recommend her, you won't be sorry!
Totally enjoyable! by Jan

Ale teaches as a friend. We laugh, chat and enjoy each others company. Somehow, she performs the miracle of making lessons and drills an absolute pleasure. Each hour goes by so fast. And I am learning!!! Which is all Ale, as I have so little time to devote outside my lessons. So, if you are contemplating her a a teacher, I heartily recommend her.
I love her! by Jade

I love Ale! And not just because she's Italian!

I've been wanting to learn Italian since I was in primary school and only 10 years later did I have a chance to do it, with Ale. To be honest, the first reason why I chose to have lessons with her is because I couldn't afford lessons at the Italian Institute where I live (it's $80 per hour!). That, and because the reviews are good, so I decided to give it ago. And I couldn't be more satisfied with the choice I made.

As a teacher, Ale is organised and efficient, always punctual and ready to answer your questions and perfect your pronunciations. Not only that, her self-made lessons gives very clear explanations on grammatical rules, and sometimes will tell you interesting things about Italy, and that's just great. 

As a person, she's cheerful and lovable. Even though I can't see her in person, I feel comfortable enough to consider her more like a friend than a teacher. 

So, if you're still hesitating about whether or not online lessons are for you, I say give it a try. I'm pretty sure your initial doubts will be gone once you have a chance to see how great a teacher like Ale can be ;)
Very pleasant person to have class with by Eliana

Alessandra Paganin was a very nice person to have class with. Very well prepared, she provided me very good tools to start refreshing my French. She was reliable and with a very good French knowledge. I would recommend to have classes with her!
Smart, Understanding, Courteous teacher by Anthony

For anyone interested in learning Italian I would strongly recommend Ale. She was able to gauge my skill level very quickly and adapt her lessons to me. She was very good at accomodating my schedule. Furthermore, she had an exceptional ability to communicate the difficult grammatical concepts to a non-native speaker. I look forward to continued education from her!

-Anthony G.
Excellent service, very efficient and friendly. Met my needs. by Sharon

Very effective. Looking forward to using Italian on my trip. I am extremely satisfied and feel I have some very good basics to get along on my trip. Alessandra was most accomodating and very efficient. Proposed the right lesson materials and provided materials to me whenever I needed. Very enjoyable. Thanks.
Patient and focused on the fundamentals… by Silvia Gallo

Allesandra was kind, patient and very knowledgeable. I studied with her for one week of private lessons and would like to continue via Skype. She is very organized and stresses the importance of the basics. Her village is lovely and I hope to return again. 
Silvia Gallo
She is very patient and very qualified to teach. by Mary Kay Thomas

Alessandra is very effective and helpful and very willing to accomodate to my schedule. She was prompt and always willing to adapt to my needs for learning. I had a very good learning experience and hope to visit her one day in the future for real one on one lessons..
Highly proficient teacher! by me

Alessandra is highly recommended as an Italian teacher. I live in Canada and received my lessons through Skype, which worked out perfectly for me. Her proficiency in languages allows for her to teach with ease. She has innovative teaching methods and makes learning fun! One of her methods that I really enjoyed was writing down recipes as I heard them in Italian and translating them into English. I also liked trying out the tasty recipes! If anyone is looking for a highly proficient teacher who is innovative and makes learning fun, make sure you contact Alessandra!!! 
Outstanding , kind, patient and funny teacher by Alexandra

Alessandra is very clear in her teachering. She is very patient and if she noticed you have some difficulties with the material she tries to find other ways to explain it to you.

I recommend everybody who wants to teach French or Italian to have your lessons with Ale. 

She has a sparkling personality that makes learning easy.

Ale, thank you and we'll speak at our next session.
the best teacher! by vivi

Alessandra is not just a great teacher, but also such a kind and lovely person ! By her great language skill, patience and engcourage she is managing to teach even me some French and at the same time she gives a good insight to the French culture. I look forward to our skype-lesson every time, and even more when I occasionally have the chance to have lessons at her place, in the beautiful mountain village, Esino.

and that's from my husband, who has learnt Italian with her:
"Alessandra is a very skilled teacher who gets the most out of my abilities. She gives me different types of lessons so I am always challenged. She is very patient when I have questions and is very thorough in her explanations. I am learning not only the italian language, but italian culture. I cannot wait to go to Italy and use my new language skills thanks to my great italian teacher.”
Patient knowledgeable tutor by David

All good. Easy to contact and organise lessons. Very patient teacher and also understanding on work commitments occasionally conflicting with lesson times.
I am inspired to continue with the lessons and to study between lessons.
Am learning Italian at a steady rate, not bad considering the poor quality of the student!
I recomment Ale to anyone wanting to try Italian or improve their current knowledge. A pleasureable experience.
Thanks Ale, you're an amazing teacher by Claire

Ciao Ale,

I just want to thank you so much for the lessons we did have. It's a shame i can't keep doing them at this point in time, but if I can pick it back up with you at some point when I can, I will let you know!

Ale is a patient and very friendly, open person. she helps you feel at ease and is a great teacher for any level.


I met Ale while she was living in the UK. We started with our Italian lessons on 2007. I was enjoying them so much!!! And in a year I found myself able in Italy to chat with the locals :-)) And I even met my husband (thanks Ale!! as my husband at the time didn't know a word in English). She made me so very passionate about learning, that we started French as well in 2009, et maintenant on se parle en Français et en Italian. :-)
Since Ale moved back to Italy we've been continuing online our French and Italian lessons.
Thanks Ale! I'll be back soon, as I don't want to forget all the things you taught me, grazie di cuore!
I'm now planning to study Spanish, as I'll be able to use it for my job, as much as I'm using French and Italian.
I recommend Ale to everyone!!! She's a fantastic teacher, and a wonderful caring person that will make you laugh and enjoy your learning experience.
Just positive words for her.
ciao Ale!
An excellent teacher by helena Jonsson

I have studied French, (beginners)
with Alessandra for about 3 months. She helps me with pronunciation and grammar. She is sensitive to what I need to practice and I've learned a lot. I can highly recommend her.
Great Tutor! by Allison

I am still taking lessons with her and she is GREAT! She has helped me understand the language faster than I was in a normal italian class. She is flexible and works around my schedule and is ALWAYS dependable. She also goes above and beyond by sending supplemental practices and explanations after our lessons. 
Overall, she is a great teacher and I would hightly recommend her to anyone who is serious about wanting to learn Italian!
Fabulous teacher - I look forward to every lesson by Jennifer

I am learning Italian from Alessandra via Skype - and she is an amazing teacher. I am a beginner and I have really enjoyed learning from her. Ale's knowledge of words, the history of the language, word derivation along with grammar is incredible. It is obvious that Alessandra loves languages and loves to teach and so she easily imparts that love and interest in her teaching. 

Ale starts with the essentials in learning - the grammar - articles, the rules, nouns, verbs etc. I really value this as I feel it will give me the right foundations in learning Italian properly.

Alessandra is calm, patient and friendly and so thorough in her teaching. Ale ensures pronunciation is correct, and I love that she revises what you are learning until she knows you have understood properly.

Thanks Ale, I am looking forward to many more lessons! I am excited to read that you rent out a place in your village and offer a block of lessons. How amazing that would be - I will have to include that next time I visit Italy!! Grazie mille!
Alessandra really knows what she is teaching. by Fay Ganzer

Allessandra is an excellent tutor. She is well organised and knows exactly which stage her students are up to. As a teacher, Ale is able to pass on her unlimited ability with Italian. She ensures that pronunciation is correct as well as the grammar of the language. I am learning Italian through her. After initially learning greetings, we concentrated on nouns (masculine and feminine) and appropriate articles and verb conjugations. Ale also shows a personal interest in each student which I appreciate.
Undeniably excellent teacher by Christian

There is no reason why anyone shouldn't find Alessandra an excellent teacher and one would find it very difficult to criticise her teaching. 

Whether it's grammar I needed work on, improving my vocabulary, learning more about culture, working on speaking and listening, she is accommodating and we have been able to make quick progress with areas which I found difficult. She is very adept in her own language and knows even the most obscure words, which one can come across.

The many resources and ideas she uses to teach help greatly with the learning process. She is very friendly and easy to talk to, always trying to make the lessons interesting, and I would definitely recommend her as a teacher to anyone.

La mia esperienza era meravigliosa e molto utile; la raccomando veramente a chiunque.

Thank you Alessandra for your great tuition!
She combines expertise and good nature perfectly. by Juliet

I began with Miss Ale back in March, when she offered me the possibility of keeping up my progressing French and loosening up my tongue in the tragically rusty Italian I'd not spoken in two years. She began our lessons with enthusiasm and an interest in finnessing the areas she saw needed most attention--and so it's gone on for five months now. Where I was logistically unable to continue my French studies in college, Miss Ale has picked up the thread, taking me through some of the more well-known French literature, conversing and enhancing my vocabulary along the way. As to the temporarily forsaken Italian, she's helping it come back, slowly but surely, recalling grammatical basics while conversing in the language, knowing I do understand her. As a plus, she is able to implement my native Spanish into both French and Italian concepts--her familiarity with language is wonderfully evident.
As far as demeanor is concerned, Miss Ale is a real joy to be around--a very down-to-earth lady, but always ready for a laugh or a comical digression. We spent a whole lesson joking on and off about the term "una miseria"--it still comes up, now and then. The rapidity with which she provides materials and explanations is a clear sign of her dedication to her students. While teaching, she is ever cheerful and supportive, especially in those moments when you're just NOT SURE what's what--she'll reinforce and encourage, ensuring you do understand. She epitomizes the good teacher--knowledgeable, open, patient and confident in what her students CAN do.
Miss Ale and I spend a mere hour a week together, and yet in that time she has become more a friend than a language coach. One does look forward to a next lesson with her. Myself, I have much for which to commend her--her willingness, her resourcefulness, her unfailingly bright disposition ... Lordy, it just goes on and on. Anyone who acquires her as a teacher will agree. Guaranteed. She is helping me remember, she is keeping me from forgetting--and she's opening doors, wouldn'tcha know. I am currently able to communicate quite fluidly with my French-speaking Arabic teacher, thanks to the time I've spent with Miss Ale. I'm sure she'll work many such miracles for her other pupils, present and future. She is truly one in a million. Vous êtes un vrai trésor, cara Ale--je vous remercie; non troverò mai una migliore insegnante. :-D
She's excellent! by Sara James

I write this while sitting in the apartment in Esino Lario. Treat yourself to Italian lessons with Alessandra...life is too short! She makes learning the language a great deal of fun. Her teaching skills are excellent. From Canada I used Skype, twice a week with Alessandra and I am now doing a two week intensive program in her town of Esino Lario. Alessandra makes me excited to learn the language and she has taught me a great deal of information about the culture. Esino Lario is the "real" Italy, a quaint village up in the mountains and Alessandra is an amazing gem as a teacher. She is positive, she makes me laugh,she encourages and best of all she knows how to get the information across. As I said, treat yourself!
Great teacher! by Kimberly

Ale is a great teacher! She is very patient and encouraging and you can tell she loves to teach. She makes each lesson interesting and always has an idea of something new to help with the learning process. Ale is warm and caring and I am very confident that she will be able to teach me to speak French fluently! At first I wasn’t sure about using Skype for lessons, but I have found that everything comes across loud and clear. Merci beaucoup!
A brilliant teacher! by Sharna Matthews

Where do I start?! Ale is very passionate about teaching, the lessons are always fun and exciting! I am having a great time learning from Ale and she is very patient and understanding. I am quickly learning... I thought I would never be able to learn another langauge but taking lessons with Ale has made it easier and much more interesting, I plan on taking lessons with her as long as needed. Ale you are an excellent teacher and it's my pleasure to learn from you :)
Elle est professeur de langues par excellence by Rachel

I have been studying french for about 3 years now and the best learning experience I have had so far has been with Ale. I feel completely at ease with her, she has a lovely warm and friendly approach to teaching. Nothing is too much trouble for Ale when it comes to helping her students because she has a passion for her work. I can confidently recommend Ale as a someone who is dedicated to helping others learn, and has a real interest in seeing them excel at another language. A mon avis elle est la meilleure!! Thanks Ale.
A WONDERFUL FRENCH TEACHER! merci Ale!!! by George80

Bonjour à tous! My name's George, I had the chance to met Ale while she was leaving and teaching in the UK. I enjoyed immediately our evening lessons at her place, I was learning with a little group of beginners. J'adore le français, but I'd always thought it was a difficult language for me! But Ale made my learning so easy! She has always been really thoughtful, always available for an explanation even outside our lessons. She's moreover very organised, ready to send her lessons, whenever the books aren't clear enough!
Since she moved back to Italy we've been continuing online, and I'm sooo happy! Je parle maintenant un bon français, grace à Ale! I warmly recommend her to anyone wanting to start French as a beginner or just need to keep it upadated with a teacher not only knowing everything about grammar, but also really passionate on French culture and literature!
Ale tu es la meilleure! Merci!
As I'm planning to learn Russian as well, Ale suggested me this wonderful website, and I really hope I'll find a good teacher as Ale is!
Una buona insegnante by Sandra Johnston

Ale is a great teacher - she is very patient and explains things well. She has helped me enormously and I really enjoy our lessons. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn or improve their Italian
Alessandra is the best tutor! by Margo

If you need an excellent tutor for Italian, Alessandra is the tutor for you! She is very patient and thorough. She makes sure you understand a lesson before advancing to the next one. I have learned so much from Ale, and I look forward to meeting her next February. Ale, you're the best!
my teacher is the best by renana z

before i meat Alessandra i was sure that italian language was out of reach . i was straggling with even the simple stuff and i was sure that nothing will help me. 
now i can say proudly that i'm reading hard books of history , talking Italy (i was really afraid of it) , and can actually express myself in writing.
she improved my confidence in speaking , improved enormously my knowledge in grammar , help me to understand hard words and to expend my vocabulary. but' the most importent thing is from day 1 i felt improvement and that i'm not stupid or something...
i think that she is a wonderful teacher that actually care:) 
Alessandra teaching my family by tony palanca

Alessandra teaches my two children aged thirteen and ten, and myself (their father) Italian once a week. We were learning Italian at a local school in a classroom but my children were not really learning very well. We have found that learning by skype in the home is much more effective. We are all together during the lesson and Alessendra is able to tailor her teaching to suit our specific needs. This means we are now learning Italian much more effectively, and it is much more convenient than going to class. Alessandra is an excellent teacher with a very sound understanding of English and grammar. We would highly recommend her.
Fantastic!!! instructor!!!  by Michele (Michela)

If I could pick a number higher than 5, I would!! Ale is a fantastic instructor!! My goal is to become fluent in Italian and I have tried *many* instructors over the years. Ale is an incredible instructor; using Skype works beautifully; her flexibility is fantastic! Highly highly recommend Ale!! 
Great teacher by Joanna

Ale is a fabulous teacher, flexible, patient and always willing to explain and re-explain things with great enthusiasm.(she never makes me feel hopeless or stupid :) ) I am a slow learner but learning with ale has really helped me speed up the process of my learning of Italian. The price is perfect, she has helped to build my confidence in the language and she always responds to emails within a short amount of time. Ale is always available for me to send her an email asking her to explain something to me. I can only say good things about ale and truly recommend her to anyone. :)
Great teacher, structured, precise, simpatica by Andy Ocean

Alessandra is a very effective teacher with lots of teaching experience. She worked on several of my grammatical weaknesses, while still making sure that I could speak practical every-day Italian. She got me to a level, where I feel very confortable in every-day situations.

I also found her to be precise, reliable and well-structred. All lessons were very well-prepared.

A very good learning experience. Thanks a lot.
Learning Italian with Alessandra. by Cathal

Alessandra is a very intelligent, caring tutor - her grasp of languages is excellent, but more to the point, her ability to pass on her knowledge also excels (this isn't easy to do).
I have no hesitation at all, in recommending Ale as a top-grade language tutor.
A fantastic Le Prof by Trish

Alessandra is motivated young woman of numerous talents and considerable self discipline. She is fun-loving, likable, enthusiastic, trusting and trustworthy. 

I have no boring days with her and I'm always looking forward for our next lesson.

I'm highly recommending her for French Lesson. She's the type of teacher who will not stop until her student learns.
It is always a pleasure for me to talk with her by graf

She is doing a very good job. She is able to discover every weakness in your English knowledge quickly. This allows you to perfect your spoken English in a very efficient way. Above all, she is highly dedicated and kind, it is always a pleasure for me to talk with her even if I wasn't in a good mood sometimes

Thank you for the wonderful lessons
I couldn't imagine a better teacher by Kyle Palmer

I have found Alessandra to be an excellent teacher who provides interesting lessons, clear explanations and is very flexible.  

I came to her with very particular needs given the Italian that I already knew and the other languages that I already spoke. After a couple of lessons we arrived at exactly what I needed. Her knowledge of Italian and linguistics in general is impressive and she combines this with an effective teaching style that has helped me immensely in a short time. 
I enjoy every minute of every lesson with Alessandra. by Linda Irvine

Alessandra is intelligent, organized, conscientious, patient, easygoing and fun. Her love of languages shows in her enthusiasm. Her teaching methods are effective, she explains things thoroughly,and I really appreciate the flexibility in her schedule. This is something I want to continue with until I can meet Alessandra in person and spend at least one day speaking 100% Italian!
ottima professoressa!!! by Cinzia

I've recently started my lessons with Alessandra, but I'm sooo pleased!!I really need a crush course in French, as I might be leaving to France at the beginning of next year for my job. we're having a lesson every day. She sent me lots of exercises and suggested good books which in fact I found easily and I'm using with her. Thanks Ale for your help, you won't get rid of me for a while :-)
Alessandra is a wonderful teacher by Chris Warren

Alessandra is a wonderful teacher with an incredible knowledge of Italian, French and English. For those who wish to learn a new language I believe it is important to find a native speaking teacher. 

I had ‘one to one’ Italian lessons with Alessandra whilst she was living and teaching in the UK and continued those lessons via skype when she returned to live in Italy.

Alessandra is patient and kind and her Italian lessons a pleasure. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.
A very capable teacher who imparts her knowledge in a straightforward way. By Richard

Alessandra is a very capable teacher who I have no hesitation in recommending to any aspiring student of Italian or French. She is a natural teacher of languages, very knowledgeable of her subject and committed to her students. Her main strength is her ability to explain difficult areas of Italian in a very simple way. She also shows great patience when you might be struggling to grasp a difficult problem.

Alessandra can teach you on a face to face basis as well as over the internet using Skype. 
excellent teacher!!!!!!!!!! by Vicky

Alessandra est un excellent professeur, elle m'a appris l'anglais pendant une dizaine de jours, un cours intensif dans son village à Esino le mois dernier. Je regrète tellement de ne pas habiter plus proche!! Mais je vais refaire un cours comme celui là prochainement avec elle. Alessandra a été un professeur très attentif et méticuleux, elle m'a fourni gratuitement les photocopies et conseillé dautres bons livres. elle m'a enseigné des choses très intéressantes de l'Italie et de la France.On a même vu des recettes italiennes et françaises :-) et on a discuté des cultures. Elle a aussi vécu en Angleterre, donc elle est très préparée.Je la conseille vivement, ayant une préparation excellente.
very good teaching by Mir

I liked her, she has affordable fees, which isn't a detail at all, and great time availability through the day, anothe great thing for students who work full time.
Moreover, gramma lessons and conversation were definitely effective with me as I was able to engage in conversation in Paris while I really wasn't talking french since middle school!
Alessandra makes learning fun! by candy Chilton

Alessandra is a friendly and fun teacher..she is able to tailor her teaching methods to the individual and is always ready to help overcome any problems that you may experience. It's hard to think of her as just a teacher..she's a friend!
Una buona insegnante. by Glenn

Alessandra is a great teacher and motivator. She makes learning Italian fun and easy. When you start talking in Italian with her sometimes you don't realize your learning because your just talking.
Excellent teaching, positive outlook on life and a lot of patience. by Mariette

Alessandra is truly an excellent teacher! I have learnt a lot of grammar and vocabulary since started with my lessons. Previously trying to learn from cd's (which i've bought a very good one), it is not the same. I would recommend any person rather to find a teacher, especially Alessandra!, if you are serious in learning the languange effectively and to speak fluently. She made me feel comfortable from the start and my lessons with her are really great moments in time! She has motivated me in all aspects of my life! If you are serious and want fast and effective results she is the one not to be missed!!!
AWSOME TEACHER! by Carla Baeza

I recommend this teacher to anyone. She is very patient, kind and organized. She will help you and try her best to help you understand the language. If your looking for not just a good teacher but an Awesome one, you can just choose Ale.